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Water Damage Restoration in Fort Worth, TX

Posted by: Mr. Restore
Posted on: Sunday June 24, 2018 at 9:34 AM
Fear water damage? Stressful experience isn’t it?  After all, you have to encounter significant damages. And to top it off, you also have to pay off additionally for water damage restoration in Fort Worth, TX. But don’t worry – choose us for water damage restoration in Fort Worth, TX, and we’ll put things in order for you once again without charging you excessively. We offer quality water damage restoration in Fort Worth, TX at affordable rates, a feature that our clients dearly love.Water damage occurs due to numerous reasons. During days when the weather is harsh and rain falls down heavily, water damage is even more common. The issue can also occur when snow melts or when your roof gives way under the weight of the snow. Depending on the severity, your furniture, electronics, appliances, upholstery and plumbing system are all damaged. Plus, the probability of mold growth increases, exposing you to health risks. If you avail our services related to water damage restoration in Fort Worth, TX, we can clean up the mess using advanced processes, recover most or all of your belongings either by repair or replacement and mitigate the risks involved. Should we notice any sign of mold, we’ll clean that up as well.


Weather isn’t the only cause of water damages. Leaky appliances, clogged drains, dripping toilets, broken or frozen pipes, overflowing washing machines and cracks in the foundation can all lead to water damage. Snow, rain and floods are other causes.If too much water has overflowed, it can pool around your house and inside the basement. Should you leave it untreated, your foundation siding and the structural integrity of your house will be affected. Therefore, the water extraction and cleanup process should begin at the earliest.

Categories and Classes

Before we carry out water damage restoration in Fort Worth, TX, we assess the severity of the damage. Generally, water damage is broken down into three categories and four classes.The first category of water damage or Category 1 is clean water and doesn’t possess any health threats to humans. Possible causes include sink overflows and damage appliances. The second category or Category 2, also known as gray water is water contaminated with microorganisms. If you ingest this, you’re likely to fall ill. Common causes of this water damage include seepage, broken toilets and sump pumps. The third and the last category of water damage, Category 3 or Black Water, is the most dangerous because it is contaminated with bacteria and other disease-causing organisms. Generally, Category 3 water damage is a result of sewage problems or standing water.Water damage can also be divided into four classes which are important when the repair options are assessed. Class 1, is again, the least harmful and thus, is the easiest to deal with. The affected material hardly absorbs any water and can quickly be restored. Class 2 damage is one in which the evaporation rates are fast. Carpets, rugs and cushions fall under this class. According to our expert team of water damage restoration in Fort Worth, TX,  Class 2 damage repair isn’t difficult, but takes more time to be fixed when compared to Class 1 damage.Class 3 is one in which our team dealing with water damage restoration in Fort Worth, TX  takes step to ensure an even faster evaporation rate, compared to Class 2. Possible items include walls, furniture and sprinklers. The last category items, Class 4, can only be restored after following advanced water removal processes. In this case, the damage extends to plaster, concrete and hardwood floors.

Reasons why water damage shouldn’t be left untreated

Health Risks

If you want to minimize health affects, you should avail our services related to water damage restoration in Fort Worth, TX immediately. Leaving the situation untreated can pave way for mold and other microorganisms, putting your health at risk. You may also develop symptoms of allergy, asthma and other respiratory diseases.

Diminished home value

If your home has been impacted by water damage, there will be certain signs such as stains on the ceiling and paint peeling off the walls. There may also be a musty odor in the air. Thus, your home’s value will drop.

Weakened structure

Standing water is absorbed within the walls and floors. This weakens the structural integrity of your home.

Electrical systems

If any wiring, electrical outlet or fuse box is exposed to water damage, there is a risk of shock, which in some cases, can even be fatal. Before you touch anything through which current can flow, you should let a professional inspect the situation.Our team dealing water damage restoration in Fort Worth, TX  will examine your electrical systems, and suggest repairs if they have been damaged or possess a risk.


Drywall discolors in the presence of water and becomes brittle. If the bubbles are created or the surface warps, then damage will be noticeable even under the paint. In such a case, the damaged area will have be cut out and then replaced.One again, a quick response on your part can give us enough time to eliminate all these risks before they become a concern.

Our process for water remediation in Fort Worth, TX

Our team that deals with water damage restoration in Fort Worth, TX uses the most advanced equipment and processes to deal with the involved damages. We try our best to save most of your belongings, but it depends on severity.  We first inspect your property, measure the damage and accordingly, come up with a restoration plan.During the cleanup process, we’ll also ascertain that the structure or foundation of your home hasn’t been compromised upon.Please note that we may not follow the same process throughout your house. Our methods will change depending on the quantities of water involved as well as the severity of the situation.Visit our website for more information on  water damage restoration in Fort Worth, TX.