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Types of Storms and How to Deal With Storm Damage in Dallas, TX

Posted by: Mr. Restore
Posted on: Monday August 27, 2018 at 9:30 AM
Each year many Texans die and face heavy property damages due to the onslaught of storm damage in Dallas, TX. These storms completely wreck even the most endurable looking buildings. Thus, In order to deal with storm damage in Dallas, TX, one must know about all the types of storms as well as the necessary steps to deal with them. These storms vary from area to area.

Types of Storms That May Lead To Storm Damage in Dallas, TX


Thunderstorms get their names because of their roaring and thundering noise. This noise is produced by the lightning which is a common feature in every thunderstorm. Thunderstorms are formed when air that is mixed with moisture and hotness, climbs up to the atmosphere, resulting in the creation of the thunderstorm’s cloud.Thunderstorms are also accompanied by strong winds as well as substantial amounts of rain. They can hit your home in any weather, though the chances are greater in the summers. Sometimes, thunderstorms act as a prelude to more dangerous storms like hurricanes.


The most dangerous type of tropical cyclone is known as hurricane. Hurricanes are menacing as they have the ability to cause high amounts of damage as they rip off everything coming in their way including even the buildings.Hurricanes are characterized through their powerful winds that have the ability to charge with speeds that reach 200 miles in an hour. Sometimes a hurricane starts off as a tropical storm with low wind speeds. However, even then it can cause flood damage.


Floods are referred to the situation where a piece of land comes under water including homes, cars, trees and entire neighborhoods. Floods are generally caused when heavy rainfall produces water at a faster rate than the drains are able to tackle. Floods are also caused by melting of snow on the mountains as well as from other water sources like rivers and lakes.These floods can attack residential and commercial areas and thus can incur heavy reparations costs. Moreover, floods also have a considerable death toll. Floods are more dangerous in areas that lie lower on the land as water flows from a high area to a low area.

Lightning Storms

Lightning is an unpredictable and unfortunate source of death for many people as it can randomly hit any target in the ground. They are also instrumental in a wide array of property damages around the country. According to the National Lightning Safety Institute’s estimation, the lightning damages per year are more than $5 billion. Lightning sometimes becomes a catalyst to fires in residential areas as well as forests leading to wildfires.


Hailstorm comes with water in a state of solid as “hail”. These hails go from 0.5 inches to 4 inches in size. Hailstorms are a common culprit for property damages as they attack and break windows, doors, roofs, cars and other properties. Last year, the Minneapolis metro area was hit by a hailstorm with a damage of more than $2.5 billion.


Tornadoes are a combination of strong winds with a thunderstorm’s cloud. They are considered as one of the most dangerous and common storms in the USA, especially in the middle states and the eastern ones. It is estimated that tornadoes occur more than 700 times in a year in USA. A tornado’s hostility depends varies upon its speed. Sometimes, they are not strong enough to pose threat to human lives and properties while at times they can really mess up neighborhoods.

How to Deal With Storm Damage in Dallas, TX

In the unfortunate event of being attacked by any of the above storms and deal with storm damage in Dallas, TX, you will need to do the following steps.

Examination of the Destruction

A home is protected by its exterior. Hence first of all, you will have to check for any damages to the outer parts of your home thoroughly. However, you might find difficulty finding all the possible damages either due to the physical and mental ordeal you just went through during the storm or simply because there are parts that may require the services of a professional. Hence, to confirm the damages you would benefit highly from the advice of a professional for storm damage in Dallas, TX.


After either finding damages through your own efforts or through a professional’s help, your second step should be to document the damages. Documenting here means to write each damage with clarity and detail and store it in a file with photographic evidences so you can easily explain the repair company for storm damage in Dallas, TX to restore your home.

Insurance Company

After properly documenting all the damages to your home, your third and last step should be to contact your home insurance company. You will have to look if the damages brought up by a storm are covered by your insurance. If they are covered, then you will need to go through the paperwork and you will be saved from the costs.However, proper documentation maybe difficult for many people who are dealing with a storm for the first times due to inexperience. In such a case, you will benefit highly by hiring the services of a reliable company for storm damage in Dallas, TX. Such a company will help you to file a claim effectively and save costs.

Final Thoughts

If you have been recently hit by storm damage in Dallas, TX, then you are in the right place. In such a difficult scenario, you cannot afford to be careless and require the services of a company that can bring your home to its former glory in a short time with minimum costs.Luckily, you can have the services of one of the most reputable companies in the region, Mr. Restore . Mr. Restore provides emergency water cleanup as well assistance in crucial processes to make your home perfect again. With almost 50 years of experience and a list of satisfied customers exceeding 1,000 in number, it is time for your worries to disappear.      .